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LF-1021 Protable Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Massage

LF-1021 Protable Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Massage

LF-1021 Protable Pressotherapy Lymph Drainage Massage

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LAFO
Certification: CE
Model Number: LF-1021

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Price: contact me
Packaging Details: standard export wooden box
Delivery Time: 5 DAYS after receive payment
Payment Terms: T/T ,Wester union
Supply Ability: 500sets/month
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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Detailed Product Description
Use Place: Salon,home Use Payment: T/T ,Wester Union
Warranty: 1 Year

The lymphatic detoxification slimming machine is known as the human body "scavenger", mainly within the circulatory system of the human body. The inner recycle including: the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic circulatory system and tissue fluid, etc. The air inflation by the air bag tie customers’ abdomen, arms, legs lymphatic at inflated circulation to a certain period of time and deflated, prompting within the circulatory system to speed up the cycle in the human body, in order to achieve detoxification slimming, endocrine regulation.

Function characteristics

1, Bodyslimming, weight loss, decomposition and eliminate stubborn fat.
2. Pneumatic detoxification, eliminate fatigue, relieve stress and muscle pain.
3, Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism.
4, Improve the systemic lymphatic system and the organization of loose skin.

The machine is divided into a fullyAutomaticoperation (depending on the default program mode set by the instrument) andManualoperation (depending on the mode selected by the user):

1)Automatic mode:When the instrument starts, press Start/Stop button directly, the system will start into the automatic operation by default.Automatic mode, the instrument from P1-P3 transforms a working model by every 15 minutes. At this time, the instrument starts working 15 minutes from P1 mode, inflated from both ends toward middle. After 15 minutes, the instrument automaticallytransforms to P2 mode, inflatable from middle toward both ends. After another 15 minutes, automaticallytransforms to P3 mode, now thedefault is whole body inflation,individually inflated from 1 to 8 inflatable parts, then inflated all together by 1 to 8 parts. When P3 mode, if the user needs to selectively inflate, press the Start/Stop button , all the display lights of inflatable parts light up, as long as users press the buttoncorrespondinginflated parts you don’t need, the lights will turn off, indicates the site is to stop inflation.

2)Manual mode:Instrument starts up, firstly select the inflated mode (P1 \ P2 \ P3), and then start Start/Stop button , the system enters to the manual mode. Manual mode, the instrument will be carried out according to the mode selected by the user.

2. Start the heating function, first press the the INFRARED switch button, the INFRARED switch indicator lights up, indicate that the heating function is activated. The infrared heating is divided into L \ M \ Hthree modes, users simply press INTENSITY(heating power adjustment buttons) can choose three modes infrared heat L \ M \ H (low, medium, high).


1.Safety, because we use 36V safety voltage for the machine.

2. Our abdominal packages use advanced ultrasonic welding technology, toensure that each airbag tight suture.

3.Large digital tube synchronously act on each mode of operation, the operation is simple, convenient and clear control. The digital technology, timing, orientation, positioning, constant pressure to do light, heavy, fast, slowhumanizedselection modes.

4. 24 groups chambers close to body parts, achiving double effivacy in the process.Local or systemic use, single people or double use, can be operated simultaneously.

5. The air suit made up from special material can be donemorereasonable and convenient, and durable cleaning.

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